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$ 149.99

The Most Comprehensive Vocal Program Ever is available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

SINGPRO is the first and only fully mobile vocal training and vocal lessons program that works right off your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer! It is easy to use and will increase your vocal range, power, tone and pitch. Singers from all over the world use SINGPRO to warm up for a show, practice their songs, train with their teachers and build their voice.

  • Spectrogram Analysis Driven Vocal Workouts
  • Pitch Training Program
  • Karaoke & Key Change Exporter
  • “How To” Video Library
  • Interactive Vocal Journal To Track Progress
  • Artist Development E-Library
  • Access to Top Industry Vocal Experts
  • Proven Vocal Technique used by Celebrities & Vocal Experts

SINGPRO is compatible with Windows & OSX Laptops, Desktop Computers and Smartphones.  Includes: iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and Edge mobile devices.

  • Sing Stronger
  • Extend Range
  • Develop a Full Sound
  • Sing With A Connected Voice
  • Develop Bridges
  • Learn Pitch & Harmony